Advocacy and Commitment. Sound Legal Advice.

The Turnipseed, Brannon & Kennedy Law Firm provides zealous advocacy and commitment to clients in the areas of Family and Domestic Law, Criminal Defense, Personal Injury and Business Litigation.

Although not every case involves extensive litigation or the need for a trial, the attorney’s at the the Turnipseed, Brannon & Kennedy Law Firm provide personalized representation, prepare each case thoroughly and provide sound legal advice to enable you to make the decision that is best for you whether it be through trial, agreement or otherwise. Everyone’s case is unique because the individuals involved are unique. The Turnipseed, Brannon & Kennedy Law Firm strives to provide tailored advice that specifically addresses your individual concerns regardless of the field of law.


Our attorneys prepare every case as if it were set for trial as doing so allows us to provide you with various options and potential outcomes involving your case. Does this mean that your case needs to be litigated in Court? No. It simply allows our attorneys to provide you the commitment you deserve and offer you the legal advice needed to achieve an outcome that you desire.

If you have a legal issue, contact the office of Turnipseed, Brannon & Kennedy to set up a consultation today. Advocacy and Commitment. Sound legal advice.